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When your MOT test is due, trust Vasstech for our exceptional expertise and service. With comprehensive safety checks, rest assured your MOT certificate ensures you’re compliant and road-ready.

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The Benefits of Choosing Vasstech as Your MOT Test Provider

Ensuring you pass all the MOT requirements so you can drive with confidence for miles to come

When Should I MOT My Car?

An MOT test is not merely a routine check but a legal requirement to guarantee vehicle safety and compliance. Failure to hold a valid MOT certificate could result in severe penalties, including fines of up to £2,500 and penalty points on your license.

For newer vehicles, the initial MOT test is due after three years of ownership. Subsequently, it becomes an annual requirement. However, certain vehicles might qualify for MOT exemption, such as historic or classic vehicles. Staying informed about MOT requirements is crucial for enhancing safety and potentially saving costs by addressing issues before they become major concerns.

Exceptional Value, Exceptional Service

Finding a balance between cost-effective and reliable MOT services can be challenging. At Vasstech, we provide peace of mind by offering top-quality services at the most competitive rates.

We empower vehicle owners with insights on planning and managing MOT expenses, eliminating the stress of unexpected costs.

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