Importance of Vehicle Servicing…

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Often, our car is the second biggest purchase we ever make, after our home, and it is important to also consider the running costs of our purchase, including servicing.

In these difficult financial times servicing can be looked at as an unnecessary expense however, this is just a false economy. Having your car regularly serviced will, in the long term be far more cost effective, extending the life of your vehicle and identifying minor faults before they escalate into expensive repairs. You will also benefit from fuel savings and well maintained vehicle will hold it’s residual value far better than a car that may have had servicing neglected.

Having your vehicle serviced at your local Vasstech centre carried out by one of our highly trained technicians you can be sure that your vehicle will be in good health. During a full service we check a vast range of components and fluids and oils. We also check the array of drive belts for any signs of wear and advice of any ‘out of service’ requirements.

If your car is over three years old and coming up for its MOT we can also make arrangements to carry this out for you too. Remember this is a compulsory requirement and there are heavy fines for vehicle owners who miss their MOT date.

Here at Vasstech we have highly skilled, trained technicians to care for your vehicle and ensure that it is operating at it’s optimum performance and meets safety and legal requirements.

Get in contact to book your vehicle in for service or MOT.

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Alex Robinson


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