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Full Car Service

Let our expert technicians keep your vehicle at its best with a comprehensive full car service

From £340
  • Expert technicians specialising in VW Group vehicles
  • Transparent, competitive pricing - no hidden fees
  • Quick turnaround and flexible bookings
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An Overview of a Full Car Service

When you book a car service at Vasstech, you’re getting more than just routine maintenance; it’s a commitment to your car’s performance and safety. Our expert technicians leave no bolt unturned, fulfilling a meticulous examination and fine-tuning of your vehicle’s engine, a thorough brake system check, fluid top-ups, replacements and more. Trust the specialists, trust Vasstech.

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The Benefits of a Full Car Service at Vasstech

Drive smarter with expert annual full car servicing, designed for maximum performance, safety and longevity

Enhanced performance

Our meticulous attention to detail results in improved fuel efficiency and engine power, allowing you to go further on each tank.

Plus, you’ll experience a smoother driving experience and enhanced vehicle responsiveness due to brake system checks, steering inspections and more. With greater control and confidence behind the wheel, get set to feel the road like never before, thanks to our full vehicle servicing.

Prolonged vehicle lifespan

Regular full car servicing is your key to preserving your car’s health and longevity. Improving your vehicle’s reliability helps minimise the risk of major breakdowns and costly repairs, saving both time and money in the long run.

But that’s not all, a well-maintained vehicle retains its market worth over time. Servicing your car not only promises peace of mind, but it’s also a wise, long-term investment to preserve its resale value.

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