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Electric Car MOT

Power ahead and experience Vasstech’s expertise in electric car MOTs - designed for your safety.

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  • Skilled, certified technicians specialised in EV diagnostics
  • Affordable service, keeping electric car MOT costs to a minimum
  • Commitment to a stress-free experience and customer satisfaction
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Comprehensive Electric Car MOTs

An MOT for electric cars won’t differ too much from an ICE vehicle MOT, there’s just no emissions or noise test. Our proficient mechanics employ specialised diagnostics, ensuring every aspect functions flawlessly. Expertise in electric vehicle mechanics is crucial, and luckily, we're certified EV specialists equipped with cutting-edge technology for precise MOT inspections. Electric cars represent the future - invest in yours today!

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The Benefits of Booking an Electric Car MOT at Vasstech

Drive safely, efficiently and into the future of motoring with an electric car MOT

Specialised Electric Vehicle Assessments

Get an in-depth analysis tailored specifically for your electric vehicle’s needs. Our scrutiny goes beyond the basics, diving into essential components like battery health, charging systems, and intricate electrical controls.

With specialised diagnostics, we ensure every unique electric vehicle element is functioning flawlessly. Your safety is our priority, backed by comprehensive checks focusing on high-voltage systems and the latest safety features.


Discover peace of mind with our early detection and resolution of potential issues. By identifying and addressing concerns beforehand, we help minimise your future repair expenses. If your EV doesn’t meet MOT standards, our on-site repair services offer swift and economical solutions.

Embrace our competitive rates and transparent pricing policies, ensuring affordability without compromising quality compared to local dealerships.

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