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MOT and Service

Book your MOT and service together to get ultimate peace of mind and give your pride and joy the full overhaul it deserves.

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  • Cost-effective, comprehensive full service and MOT package
  • Quality, detailed repairs and assessments with genuine OEM parts
  • Dedicated to flexible, quick bookings for minimal downtime
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Complete MOT and Service Solutions

An MOT isn’t just a test; it’s your vehicle’s seal of roadworthiness. Similarly, your full car service is an investment into the safety, performance and longevity of your car. At Vasstech, we take them both seriously. Our qualified MOT testers and experienced technicians use the latest equipment, paired with years of experience, to ensure you get the most from your vehicle, and reap the MOT and service benefits.

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What are the Benefits of Combining MOT and Service?

MOT and service: The winning formula to help you streamline and save

Cost-Efficiency of Combined Services

Joining forces means reaping the rewards. When you combine your MOT and service, we offer bundled competitive rates that put more pounds back in your pocket. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Early identification of potential issues during this comprehensive check-up minimises future repair costs, saving you from hefty expenses down the road. Plus, with both services in one go, you’ll spend less time in the garage and more on the road, reducing both downtime and potential income loss.

Thorough Assessment, Total Assurance

It’s not just a routine check; it’s a meticulous scan of your vehicle’s health. Our comprehensive inspections leave no bolt unturned, diving deep into various vehicle components and systems.

Early issue detection is our forte – nipping problems in the bud before they bloom into costly repairs. With a team of qualified technicians and state-of-the-art tools at our arsenal, we’re here to preserve your vehicle’s health for many miles to come.

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