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Car Key Coding

Lost car key? We’ve got your back. Our car key coding service takes the headache out of getting a new car key.

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  • Cutting-edge technology for precise key coding solutions
  • Expertise in reprogramming keys for various vehicle models, specifically VW Group
  • Timely, convenient, customised solutions for lost or broken car keys
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Car Key Coding Service

With an unparalleled commitment to precision, reliability and efficiency, Vasstech is the go-to specialist for key coding services. Armed with extensive knowledge and cutting-edge key coding technology, our certified experts can easily tackle even the most intricate challenges. We understand that car key replacement is vital for security and safety, so we operate with ultimate integrity and professionalism to get you back on the road, fast.

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The Benefits of Car Key Coding at Vasstech

Need to replace your key? We’ve got you covered

Enhanced Security

We employ cutting-edge key coding technology for robust vehicle protection against theft or unauthorised access. We perform a quick service because we know that getting back behind the wheel is important to you.

Our advanced systems ensure robust integration between your car and the new key, minimising the risk of unauthorised key duplication. Precision key coding means that each vehicle has a unique coding sequence, enhancing security measures to protect your vehicle effectively.

Customised, Cost-Effective Solutions

Our key coding solutions are tailored meticulously to suit the requirements of various VW and Audi group models. Each key solution is customised to match the specific needs of your vehicle, ensuring compatibility and functionality across different car models.

This tailored approach guarantees seamless integration and optimal performance of the keys, ensuring they function flawlessly with your car.