Meet Elli: Volkswagen’s answer to electric vehicle charging

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With EVs dominating auto-headlines, whether you’re plugging-in at home, at the supermarket, petrol station or even in your local gym’s car park; everyone is talking about electric vehicle charging.

Improving public charging infrastructure across the globe is an absolute necessity for facilitating the worldwide shift to sustainable mobility. Luckily, Volkswagen Group – one of the biggest players in the automotive industry – is doing everything in their power to make the transition smooth and seamless. Introducing Elli – Volkswagen’s answer to easy, accessible electric vehicle charging.

Elli is a mobility service provider making waves in terms of VW charging stations, hailed as the biggest, fastest-growing network across Europe. So, let’s get to know Elli properly, learning about its past, present and future.

History of Elli

Otherwise known as “Electric Life”, Elli is a VW Group subsidiary – an innovative startup company created with a sole focus of transforming EV charging across the world. Founded in 2018, Elli has gone from strength to strength, quickly becoming Europe’s largest charging network.

A powerhouse for VW Group’s business and home charging solutions, Elli are the developers and producers of Volkswagen’s most important asset for electric vehicle charging – the ID.Charger. This innovation was revolutionary for electric vehicles, not for cars with VW-specific battery technology, but for all car brands looking to improve their EV tech.

Europe’s biggest charging network

As it stands, Elli is no stranger to success. The current leaders in the space, Elli has built approximately 500,000 devices across Europe. And this success hasn’t been gradual.

Elli’s growth happened in just a few short years, with over 100,000 new electric vehicle charging stations being built in just four months – an unmatched level of growth for charging infrastructure.

Elli’s reach is widespread, with around 950 different providers in 28 European countries. This way, Elli are facilitating the electric revolution, promising a reliable charging network that allows EV drivers to travel with ease and say goodbye to range anxiety.

So, what products and services does Elli offer?

The scope of Elli’s offering is extensive, crowned as the first supplier in the EV market to offer both drivers and businesses a totally connected, seamless and holistic charging experience.

Elli’s charging solutions range from the initial technology and hardware to the overall services and maintenance of the tech. Everything an EV driver or fleet manager needs to keep their vehicle powered up and ready for the road.


For customers, Elli offers home charging solutions with an innovative wallbox charger. Fast charging, cost-effective and made using the best technology on the market, these wallbox chargers are a universal solution, pairing seamlessly with an electric VW Group vehicle.


On the other hand, for businesses, Elli offers fast-charging stations that can be quickly set up anywhere, without the need for the complex construction or grid connections a charging station would usually require. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, Elli is also a great tool to use for fleet management, giving managers complete control of their electric fleet.

Tackling range anxiety one point at a time

Many are fearful about making the switch to electric due to range anxiety. However, with VW charging stations, powered by Elli, continue to advance, these fears are quickly becoming a problem of the past. Ease and convenience comes as a priority.

For instance, the Elli charging network is now made up of around 33,000 high-power (HOC) electric vehicle charging stations throughout Europe, rather than just the conventional alternating current (AC) mobile charging solutions. As a result, EV drivers now enjoy speedier charging times, shorter wait times and a lot less hassle.

Similarly, we’re now seeing convenient new technologies such as Plug & Charge from companies such as Elli. Rather than EV drivers having to initiate the connection with their EV, this advancement allows for everything to be done automatically. Just pull up, plug in and off you go. Currently, around 5,000 out of the Elli charging infrastructure network have this option available.

Charging costs

Keeping prices reasonable and reliable is at the forefront of Elli’s plans. With a simple, transparent pricing structure for each of the different charging stations, it’s never been so easy to keep costs to a minimum.

Drivers have total control here, able to calculate the costs in advance due to Elli’s simple pricing structures that take into account factors such as the vehicle owner’s driving habits. No need for a shock surprise at the charging point.

Partnerships and sustainability initiatives

Back in late September of 2022, Elli signed an MoU with Elia Group and its startup re.alto, all in a bid to encourage and support the increasing number of EVs on our roads. That way, they can work towards a shared sustainability mission of reducing carbon footprint across the globe.

Examining various barriers that are hindering widespread EV integration, the partners are undertaking various joint activities focused in four areas:

  1. Price and incentives
  2. Market design
  3. Trusted data
  4. Data security

To learn more about what’s to come from the partners, click here.

It’s no surprise that environmental health is a huge focus and driving factor behind Elli’s (and Volkswagen Group’s) products and services. For instance, Elli supplies Volkswagen Naturstrom, which is the sustainable, renewable energy tariff provided to households and businesses with electric vehicles.

Looking ahead for VW’s Elli infrastructure

Overall, Volkswagen and Elli are changing what our roads look like – for the better. With international data-driven energy solutions, Elli are on a mission to make the life of an electric car owner easier, better and safer.

It’s these big ambitions that will make the possibility of a fully electric future possible.

And here at Vasstech, as an independent garage specialising in VW group vehicles, it’s great to see Volkswagen providing full support in this changeover to e-mobility.

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