Why your car could fail its MOT, according to Vasstech’s garage in Northallerton

Mechanic checking wear on car wheels

Here at Vasstech, we carry out hundreds of MOTs in Northallerton every year.

And, we understand that putting your vehicle in for its annual MOT can be one of the most nerve-wracking (and potentially expensive) days of the year. Once you’ve left it with us, there’s nothing you can do – except hope the phone rings with good news, and not a hefty price tag to fix.

According to the most recent figures from the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency, nearly 32% of class 3 & 4 vehicles (most cars), and almost 41% of class 7 vehicles (vans and other commercial vehicles) failed their MOT at the first attempt last year. Here are the most common faults that cause cars and vans to fail their annual MOT:

Lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment

Nearly 14% of all cars and 24.3% of all class 7 vehicles failed an MOT on the first attempt last year due to faults with lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment.

Your vehicle’s front, rear, brake, fog, indicators, rear reflectors and registration plate lights must all be positioned correctly, in good condition and avoid dazzling other drivers.


9.7% of all cars and 12.9% of class 7 vehicles failed their first MOT tests last year due to the condition of their suspension.

If any of your suspension components or shock absorbers are suffering from excessive corrosion, distortion, or fractures – they will need replacing, to ensure your vehicle remains road-legal.


Last year, 17.6% of class 7 vehicles and 8.1% of cars failed an MOT on the first attempt due to the condition or efficacy of the brakes.

During an MOT, a technician will assess the condition of your vehicle’s brakes, pedals, and parking brake. They’ll also look at the efficiency of your brake performance, and check your brake lights are functioning properly.


Nearly 7% of cars, and 6% of vans and other commercial vehicles failed an MOT last year due to the wear of the tyres.

Tyres must have a minimum tread depth of at least 1.6mm, be in good condition, and be of an appropriate speed and load rating for the vehicle. The wheels must also be in good condition, with all wheel nuts secured tightly.

The penalty for driving with worn tyres is rightfully severe – with up to 3 points and £2,500 on offer… per tyre. It isn’t something you can afford to miss!


Visibility refers to the driver’s field of vision. 5.3% of cars, and 8.2% of commercial vehicles failed an MOT test last year due to visibility issues.

During your car’s MOT in Northallerton, the technician will assess your vehicle’s bonnet catch, in addition to the condition of the glass, rearview, windscreen wipers and windscreen washers. Any windscreen damage immediately in the driver’s vision (that’s bigger than 10mm) could result in your vehicle failing its MOT.

If in doubt, get it checked out!

If your car is over three years old (a ‘68 plate or older), it will need an annual MOT test.

Our customers choose Vasstech’s Northallerton garage for their MOTs when due. Throughout your vehicle’s MOT at Northallerton, our experienced mechanics will examine its performance, while undertaking several tests and inspections, to find out what’s going on inside, outside, and under the bonnet.

Own a ‘68 plate car? Its first MOT is due! Find your next MOT in Northallerton, by contacting the team at Vasstech today.

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