So what makes the VW T5 so great?

What makes the VW T5 so great?
If you know any VW enthusiast, chances are they (like us) are more than a little in love with VW T5. But what is it about these vans that have everyone in a frenzy?

They look great

The VW T5 is by no means the cheapest commercial vehicle, they’re known for retaining their value but it’s undeniable they look great! Like with many other VW’s (and unlike commercial vehicle rivals such as Transit’s), owners tend to look after them, customise them and love them!

They make great commercial vehicles

The T5 is the fifth generation of VW Transporter and is commonly used as a quality commercial vehicle but can be configured as a van, minibus, single-cab, double-cab, drop side or chassis truck with a variety of wheelbase lengths, rooflines and seating combinations, meaning you can get the perfect height and function for your profession with over 100 possible combinations to choose from!

The VW T5 conversions and customisations are endless

Obviously, if you’re wanting to use your T5 as a commercial vehicle, you might not want to go overboard on the internal customisation – although they are a favourite for a multitude of third party conversions, including ambulances and police vans, the more you add on the inside, the less space your have for your 8×4’s. For simpler (and space saving) customisation, opt for slimline enclosed shelving and cupboards, but be conscious not to reduce access to the rear and side (if you have one) doors.

Considered by many as the younger sibling of the traditional VW camper – T5’a are also an extremely popular choice for campervan conversions. As these beauties tend to start their life as either commercial vehicles of some sort (and at the very least people carriers); here’re a few things you’ll need to know if you want your vehicle to ‘legally’ be classed as a motorhome.

You’ll need to have all of these features as a minimum

(And will need to change the classification via the DVLA which you can find more info on here)

  • A door that provides access to the living accommodation
  • A bed, which has a minimum length of 1800mm or 6ft. This can be converted from seats used for other purposes during the day but must be permanently fixed within the body of the vehicle.
  • A water tank, or container on, or in the vehicle.
  • A seating and dining area, The table may be detachable but must have some permanent means of attachment to the vehicle – this can’t be a loose table.
  • A permanently fixed means of storage, a cupboard, locker or wardrobe.
  • A permanently fixed cooking facility within the vehicle, powered by gas or electricity.
  • At least one window on the side of the accommodation

Bespoke interiors

For those with a big budget, there is a multitude of customisation companies creating bespoke interiors for T5’s complete with the iconic 3/4 Rock n Roll bed, built in storage, swivel seats and full mod cons.


Or, you can convert your own – there’s a multitude of DIY guides and inspiration for your very own T5 project online, just ensure you check out any major work with an expert before you start – and never, ever ‘tinker’ under the bonnet; that’s what we’re here for!

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