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Tyre Replacement

Need new tyres? Hit the road with total peace of mind with professional tyre replacement at Vasstech.

From £49.99
  • Extensive range of premium tyres to ensure your tyre change lasts
  • Holistic approach to tyre maintenance, prioritising safety every step of the way
  • Trusted, certified professionals offering an efficient, wallet-friendly service
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Our Tyre Replacement & Repair Service

Here at Vasstech, our in-house tyre technicians work in full accordance with British safety tyre repair standards to ensure that your vehicle is risk-free and runs smoothly all year long. Whatever the problem, we are dedicated to keeping you and your family motoring safely. We stock a wide range of new tyres to suit every vehicle and every budget and are also a preferred provider of VAG-branded tyres for the Audi and Volkswagen Group.

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Benefits of Tyre Checks and Replacements at Vasstech

Why leave it to chance when you can get your tyres checked quickly and professionally today?

Enhanced Safety and Performance

Ensuring your tyres are in top condition is crucial for overall safety and vehicle performance. Regular checks and timely replacements significantly contribute to passenger safety by maintaining proper handling and braking capabilities.

With regular checks and timely replacements, we ensure your tyres are up to the task, so you can drive with confidence, rain or shine. At Vasstech, we prioritise your safety by giving your tyres the attention they deserve.

Longevity and Cost-Efficiency

Did you know that well-maintained tyres can save you a fortune down the road? By investing in regular checks and replacements, you’re not just ensuring longevity for your tyres; you’re also preventing costly repairs in the future.

Worn-out tyres affect your vehicle’s performance in many ways, impacting acceleration, handling, and even your comfort. Let us help you avoid these headaches and keep your ride smooth and wallet-friendly.