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Retrofit Cruise Control

Expert cruise control installation for a smoother, more relaxed driving experience.

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  • Transform to a smoother, simpler ride with reliable cruise control
  • Trusted and skilled technicians ensure seamless integrations
  • Enjoy enhanced driving features, without breaking the bank
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Retrofit Cruise Control Overview

While many modern vehicles come equipped with cruise control as a standard feature, older models might not have this luxury. But fear not, retrofitting cruise control to your car or van is a feasible and rewarding upgrade which can be expertly carried out by the technicians here at Vasstech. We are highly trained experts at precision fitting techniques, giving your vehicle the upgrade it deserves at competitive prices.

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The Benefits of Cruise Control Retrofitting at Vasstech

Take control of your drive with our seamless cruise control retrofitting, ensuring a stress-free journey ahead

Advanced Safety & Convenience

Experience effortless speed control with cruise control retrofitting at Vasstech, allowing you to maintain a steady pace without manual adjustments. It’s the perfect companion for long journeys, ensuring a more relaxed driving experience.

Enhancing comfort, especially on highways, this system reduces driver stress and guarantees a smoother ride, fostering a more enjoyable trip while adhering to speed regulations for overall safer driving.

Precision Technical Expertise

Our experts seamlessly integrate cruise control into your vehicle, employing advanced techniques that preserve the original functionalities of your car.

Using high-quality components and cutting-edge technology, we ensure durable and efficient cruise control systems tailored to your vehicle’s specifications and driving preferences. Your cruise control installation will be personalised for optimal performance and seamless integration.