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Interim Car Service

Keep your vehicle in top shape between major services with professional interim car servicing.

From £220
  • Essential checks at 6-month intervals, tailored to interim needs
  • A convenient and cost-effective service
  • Your peace of mind and safety as a priority
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Interim Car Service Overview

Ensure your vehicle remains safe and reliable with vital engine and safety checks, as well as maintenance for your brake system and fluids.

Perfect for high-mileage vehicles, a partial car service provides timely care between major intervals, ensuring optimal performance and preventing potential issues. Your time and money are valuable, so we provide efficiency and excellence with every service.

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The Benefits of an Interim Car Service at Vasstech

Your trusted provider for full and partial car services across northern England

Efficient Maintenance:

Experience efficient vehicle maintenance like never before with our interim car servicing.

Scheduled between major services, our skilled technicians perform vital engine and safety checks to keep disruptions to your routine minimal, allowing you to stay on the road with peace of mind.

Cost-Effective Upkeep:

Servicing your car twice a year helps keep your expenses at a minimum – spotting and fixing minor issues before they become a hefty repair job.

Our minor car service is a wallet-friendly solution, providing you with the quality care your vehicle deserves. Simple, seamless and cost-effective.

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