Our Regional Directors

Meet the driving forces behind Vasstech's success – our accomplished Regional Directors.


Scott Doughty

From his Vasstech apprenticeship at age 17, Scott grew into a talented mechanic, eventually becoming our Co-Director at Vasstech Durham. Get to know Scott here.

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Craig McNicol

Co-founder and Director at Vasstech since 2009, Craig has been instrumental in helping Vasstech become what it is today. Read his story, journey and more.

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Ian Sorlie

From behind the service desk to Managing Director at Vasstech Durham since its very inception in 2020, explore Ian’s Vasstech story from the beginning.

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Alex Robinson

Director at Vasstech since 2011, pivotal in expanding branches such as Darlington and Teesside. Learn about Alex's story, and uncover her dedication to the customer experience.

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Paul Atkinson

Director and founding partner at Vasstech Group since 2009. Dive into Paul's journey, from his early passion for cars to nurturing Knaresborough and steering Vasstech's growth to where it is today.

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