VW Family Cars: The right car for your family

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Raising a family comes with a long list of paraphernalia; there’s so much stuff it’s a wonder it all fits in your house.

Leaving home isn’t an escape; you’ll need a car upgrade for essentials like toys, nappies, and food. As families grow, the need for family-friendly cars rises. The National Travel Survey 2021 reveals a shift in car ownership trends, as the percentage of UK households without a car decreased from 48% in 1971 to 22% in 2021. Moreover, there is a growing recognition of the necessity for multiple cars within a household due to school runs, work commitments, and other transportation needs.

Questions arise about car size, boot space, safety and the ideal vehicle for your unique needs.

Luckily, Volkswagen, known as ‘the people’s car,’ has you covered. VW family cars are favoured by countless parents for daily school runs and family road trips. In this guide, we explore the top family-friendly cars and provide answers to these questions and more.

Choosing the Perfect VW Family Car for Your Needs

One of the best things you can do to help you decide which VW family car you should pick is to determine what you need from your car. Size, budget and specific technical features are all factors to consider.

Size matters

Understandably the size of your family car is determined by how many people you need to carry; if you need to carry seven family members, a three-door hatchback won’t quite cut it.

So, are you a big family? Or maybe you’re just planning for growth? Check out a 7 or 6-seater family car.

Whether it’s a third-row SUV or a spacious wagon, make sure everyone has a comfy seat for the ride. VW has a range of large vehicles to keep everyone in tow, like the VW Multivan, Touran and Tiguan Allspace.

Whether it’s fitting luggage in the back for a trip to the airport, pets or all the kit that comes with keeping active children entertained, you’re going to want to be able to comfortably fit everything in without feeling as though you’re neck-deep in football boots, bikes and toys. More on size later…


Family life is expensive. Luckily, VW offers a range of budget-friendly family cars that not only scream luxury, but won’t do too much damage to your wallet, either.

The VW Tiguan, T-Roc and even the classic VW Golf are all reasonably priced, reliable family cars in terms of longevity and durability too. This means that despite the initial asking price, you’ll be paying less in the long run for repairs and maintenance.

Economical and Fuel-Efficient VW Family Cars

Alright, time to break it down. VW’s family car lineup includes a variety of options, from compact SUVs to spacious wagons. But how do they stack up in terms of running costs and eco-friendliness?

We’re here to show you why VW’s got your back in the quest for efficient and wallet-friendly driving.

VW Tiguan

A staple amongst families, this compact SUV is your ticket to fuel efficiency without sacrificing space. It’s the perfect blend of versatility and eco-consciousness. Plus, it won’t break the bank.

Whether you choose a petrol, hybrid or all-electric, the Tiguan reigns supreme as one of the most economical family cars – though the hybrid option is definitely the most fuel efficient.

VW ID. Buzz

If you’re ready to embrace the electric future, the ID. Buzz is your ticket to emissions-free family adventures. Charging up at home helps save pennies and helps reduce environmental emissions! Take a look at our full article on Volkswagen EVs here, so you can decide whether electric is the right direction for your family.

VW Golf

Though not a spacious SUV or van, the Volkswagen Golf, and has been families’ trusty driving companion for a number of years now. An iconic model, the Golf often crops up as one of the most economical family cars to this day.

One of the reasons it’s popularity has soared is due to both its stylish appearance, undeniable practicality and impressive fuel efficiency, ensuring parents can save their money on more important things.

Tips to Save on Fuel and Maintain Economical Driving Habits with a VW Family Car

Though your car’s model has a huge role to play in fuel consumption, so does your driving behaviour. Here’s a few easy and simple ways to save on fuel in your VW family car, becuase every little helps!

  • Stay smooth: Gentle acceleration and braking are your best friends. Speedy starts and sudden stops are enemies for guzzling fuel.
  • Tyres: Keep those tires properly inflated. Underinflated tires increase rolling resistance, which can lead to higher fuel consumption.
  • Cruise control: Use it when you can. It helps maintain a consistent speed, which can save you precious miles per gallon.

Family Car Safety Features

When you’re cruising with the little ones in tow, safety must always come first. Nowadays, cars are well-equipped with a list of essential vehicle safety features to keep the full team secure on the road.

VW takes safety seriously, and their family cars are packed with advanced features to protect your precious cargo. Buckle up; here are some of the highlights:

  • Adaptive cruise control: Imagine cruise control, but better. It not only maintains a set speed but also adjusts your speed to keep a safe distance from the car in front.
  • Lane-keeping assist: Ever drifted out of your lane unintentionally? Lane-keeping assist gently nudges you back into your lane, ensuring you stay on the straight and narrow.
  • Autonomous emergency braking: This noteworthy feature can detect an impending collision and automatically apply the brakes to prevent or mitigate the impact. It’s an invaluable assistant to give you peace of mind.

VW doesn’t just slap a “safety” sticker on their cars and call it a day. They’re committed to your family’s security, and that means rigorous safety testing.

The worldwide brand ensures their vehicles meet or exceed international safety standards, leaving no room for compromise.

So, when you buckle up your family in a VW, you’re not just choosing a stylish ride; you’re choosing peace of mind. Safety is non-negotiable, and VW delivers every time.

How big should your family car be?

Undoubtedly the most popular body style in the UK, hatchbacks, as mentioned, vary in size and shape, contributing to the popularity of these vehicles as they offer up a range of options for most road users.

The one thing that defines them is that their whole rear end opens when accessing the boot. They tend to have a shorter wheelbase than estates or MPVs, so may be suited to smaller families.

Hatchback’s can still have a surprising amount of boot space, 5 doors for easier access to the rear seats, and their more compact size lend themselves to parking in tight spaces.


Saloons are longer than hatchbacks offering more room for passengers on the inside, especially for those in the backseats.

Though they sport a premium, stylish appearance, a saloon’s boot space might be an issue for families with lots to carry. Instead of the entire back opening up, the boot of saloons are entirely separate from the passengers and can be more cumbersome when loading.

If you’re going on a family trip and you own a saloon, it will probably pay to invest in a good quality roof rack and topbox, saving limited boot space for essentials only.


The estate car has a special place in family life in the UK, generally seen as an all-rounder capable of ferrying kids, the dog and the bathroom sink to and fro without taking up the same space as an SUV.

For many, these practical family cars with big boots have a strong appeal and are more than capable of carrying things on the roof, with many coming with a roof rack as standard, or at least as an additional extra.

The Passat Estate, a roomy VW family car, is a great option if you’re looking for practicality, without compromising on style.


Known as multi-purpose vehicles, owners of MPVs benefit from their versatility and space. Once referred to as people carriers, later models are compatible with families of all sizes, with seats that can fold, slide and adapt to your needs.

The extreme practicality of MPVs and their relatively economic reputation makes them a consistently popular choice.

Crowned as Autocar’s favourite large car for 2023, the VW Multivan is a brilliant choice for busy parents looking for an abundance of space.


Increasingly popular on British roads, the SUV has become an overarching name for several vehicles that offer practicality and hardiness.

While initially designed for rough roads, the best family SUVs offer an equally smooth ride on tarmac, with many modern versions designed with smooth roads in mind.

Much like the MPV, they tend to offer plenty of space for both passenger and luggage, though with a slightly more premium feel.

Reliability and Performance of VW Family Cars

When it comes to reliable family cars, Volkswagen has carved out a reputation that’s as solid as a German-engineered fortress. Let’s delve into the DNA of VW family cars and explore why they’re your trustworthy road companions.

A legacy of dependability

Volkswagen isn’t just a name; it’s a legacy of dependability. From the iconic VW Beetle to the modern Tiguan and Passat, these cars have stood the test of time. Families across generations have put their trust in VW for good reason.

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Engineering for family needs

VW knows that family needs go beyond just a spacious backseat. They’re committed to designing cars that cater to every aspect of family life. Safety? Check. Comfort? Check. Practicality? Double check.

  • Safety first: VW’s obsession with safety is a good thing. From reinforced steel frames to advanced driver-assistance systems, they leave no stone unturned when it comes to protecting your loved ones.
  • Comfort for everyone: Long road trips? No problem. VW family cars are designed with comfort in mind. Whether it’s plush seating, ample legroom, or adjustable climate control, they’ve got you covered.
  • Wise investment choice: VW family cars aren’t just a purchase; they’re an investment. Their reputation for longevity and durability means you’ll get more miles out of your investment.
  • Resale value: When it’s time to upgrade, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the resale value of your VW family car.

Best Family-Friendly Features in VW Cars

Now that we’ve established the reliability and performance of VW family cars, let’s explore the features that make them the best companions for family adventures. Get ready for a journey through the most family-friendly aspects of VW’s lineup.

Comfortable seating

When you’re driving the family around, comfort is king. VW family cars understand this, and their interiors are a testament to that understanding.

Whether it’s a compact SUV or a roomy van, VW family cars offer ample space for everyone and everything. No more elbow wars in the back seat.

Storage space

Need to make room for a stroller, sports gear, or your furry family member? VW’s roomy interiors allow you to adapt to changing family needs.

And let’s not forget boot space! Packing your family’s gear is a breeze with the generous storage options in VW family cars. From your supermarket shop to luggage to the psuhchair, you’ll fit it all without breaking a sweat.

Infotainment and connectivity

Keeping the family entertained on long drives is a must, and VW has it all figured out.

The last thing you need is a complicated control panel. VW’s user-friendly infotainment systems keep things simple so you can focus on the road.

Connect your devices seamlessly with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Cue up your family’s favourite playlists or follow your phone’s SatNav seamlessly – a must for navigating those UK family holidays! The Volkswagen T-Roc boasts an impressive infotainment system with an 8-inch display, perfect for keeping the entire group entertained.

Child-friendly features

VW knows that kids come with their unique set of needs, and they’ve thought of everything.

Spills happen, but with stain-resistant upholstery, they’re not too much of a big deal. VW family cars are designed to withstand the messiest of toddlers.

Plus, any parent can attest to the hassle and stress of getting a car seat safely installed. Luckily, VW makes it a breeze with accessible and secure anchors. Safety is paramount.

Volkswagen: For the entire family

In the world of family-friendly features, Volkswagen offer some of the best family friendly cars – setting the gold standard for manufacturers across the world.

We’re proud to be VW specialists here at Vasstech. We don’t just change oil and rotate tyres; we’re experts on all things VW. Our team of experts know the ins and outs of VW family cars like the back of their hands, and they’re here to help you find your perfect match.

Want to talk cars? Get in touch today!

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