Vasstech's car garage in Durham will make sure your car is staycation ready this summer!

VW campervan on holiday
Brits across the nation are preparing for another summer on home turf.

Despite the promise of lifted restrictions on July 19, even the thought of a holiday abroad is still off the cards! So, as we discover our love of the great British outdoors, there’s one key thing that needs to be reliable.

No, we’re not talking about the weather.

The trend for staycations is definitely here to stay. So if you’re planning on embarking on a big drive this summer (anywhere from John o’ Groats to Lands End) – you need to make sure your car is in peak condition!

Plan for the journey

While planning your route and buying mints are, without a doubt, two of the most important things you can do before going on a long drive, there is a third; vehicle checks:

1. Oil

Ignoring your oil levels can make you more prone to breakdowns, and could (worst case scenario) lead to catastrophic engine failure.

Check your oil level is between the minimum and maximum mark on your car’s dipstick – top up if needed (consult your vehicle’s handbook for more information).

2. Tyres

The legal minimum tread depth on a tyre is 1.6mm – but you should be checking your tyres for wear and tear, splits, cracks and bulges, too.

If you have a tyre that needs replacing, head to your localDurham garage – they’ll be happy to help!

3. Wipers

Much like your tyres, your wiper blades won’t last forever!

Once they’ve started to split or crack, then it’s a good idea to replace them.

4. Windscreen

Don’t forget to check your screenwash level by looking at the tank under the bonnet.

You can pick up decent quality, pre-mixed screenwash from petrol stations, so you can stay well topped-up.

5. Air Conditioning

If you think your car’s A/C could be colder (or there’s a strange smell coming from your air vents), then it’s probably time to have your air conditioning serviced.

At Vasstech’s car garage in Durham, we’ll be able to re-gas your A/C unit. We also offer antibacterial treatments to help eliminate any nasty odours in your vents!

Spending five minutes carrying out these simple checks before a long journey can help you save time and money on the road – not to mention you’ll be keeping yourself, your passengers, and other road users safe.

What’s the status of your MOT?

If you drive a VAG group car, then choose an independent specialist garage (like Vasstech) for your MOT in Durham.

We specialise in VAG cars, and have on-site experts that are certified to work on your vehicle. Our technicians have been trained by main dealers, and use genuine parts that won’t compromise your car’s warranty. Plus, our standard of work will match what you’d expect from the main dealer – without the matching price tag.

If in doubt, book a service at Vasstech’s Durham car garage

Having your car serviced isn’t a legal requirement – but it is key to keeping your car in peak condition.

If you think your vehicle may be due for a service, then drop into your Vasstech garage and have a chat with one of our advisors. We’ll be able to decide if your car needs a service there and then – and also offer regular checks to ensure that your vehicle is always looking pristine.

And, with almost half of UK consumers reckoning they’ll spend more time holidaying at home going forwards, we reckon we’ll see a lot more cars in for services over the next few months! Plus, having your car serviced before a long journey is just another way you can keep your peace of mind on the road.

With the right preparation, long drives will be a breeze this summer!

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