Volkswagen Electric Cars: 2023 and Beyond

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Key players in the car manufacturing game, Volkswagen never miss a beat when it comes to innovation, experimentation and world-altering transformation.

Though the prospect of electric vehicles has been around for decades now, it comes as no surprise that the VW Group were amongst the first to make an industry-changing breakthrough in the EV market. Electric cars are the future, and Volkswagen will continue to be crucial to the widespread adoption of this new way of driving.

With a rich history and lots in the pipeline, let’s take a deep dive into VW’s electric past, present and future.

History of Volkswagen electric cars

Cast your mind back to 1972…is that a little too far? Maybe so. However, this is the year Volkswagen’s journey into electric vehicles began when Dr Adolf Kalberlah – electro-chemist and specialist in battery research – experimented with the first all-electric VW.

Meet the Elektro Transporter. 52 miles of range, a max speed of 43.5 miles per hour and built from a camper van – this was the first step towards sustainable transportation.

Jumping ahead a little to 1981, Volkswagen produced the first electrically-powered version of their now-famous Golf – the Volkswagen Golf CitySTROMer. More recently in 2013, Volkswagen introduced the e-Golf. Evolving tremendously over the year, up until its last model in 2020 – which brought with it improved efficiency, performance and a larger range of 144 miles.

The significant improvements to electric battery technology follows ‘Dieselgate’ back in 2015, where VW Group were found to have installed ‘defeat devices’ into their cars to try and skirt around emissions tests.

The scandal spurred VW to reassess their strategies and head down the path to zero – they knew they had to make change. From here, VW’s sustainability efforts have proved transformative, producing vehicles powered totally from renewable energy.

Current Volkswagen electric cars

The current Volkswagen electric car lineup is made up of the ID. Family, ranging from smaller hatchbacks and city cars right the way through to huge SUVs – and even a camper van!

Here’s a few popular choices in the range – but remember, this is by no means an exhaustive list.

ID. 3

Let’s kick off with the ID.3 – one of the key all-electric cars within the VW range, marking significant advancements for the brand’s electric mobility options.

Awarded as the Which? Best Buy 2023, you can enjoy a reasonably-sized, spacious vehicle at a price tag not too dissimilar to typical petrol or diesel cars. With that, you’ll enjoy lightning-speed fast charging with the 58KWh Pro Performance – taking your car up to 180 miles in as little as 30 minutes!

Smooth, stylish and sustainable, the fast charging battery has an impressive range of up to 265 miles. Goodbye, range anxiety.

ID. 4

An excellent electric, the ID.4 is currently the most popular in the Volkswagen all-electric range. An urban SUV with the easy, smooth driving of a smaller vehicle – here to make electric mobility easy.

Complete your commute in comfort, fit the whole family in for the school run or even use it to get ready for a road trip. With 328 miles’ range on a 77kWH battery and kitted out with intuitive design and technology the ID.4 is the perfect car for everyday life.

ID. Buzz

A slightly different EV to add to our list, the ID.Buzz is a practical MPV – perfect for hitting the roads and travelling across the country with 258 miles range on a single charge. Awarded the prestigious What Car? Car of the Year 2023, the ID. Buzz is a fully electric car that’s practical and spacious, all while maintaining the comfort and sleek aesthetic of a premium SUV.

Combining smart, digital technology with environmentally-led design choices – such as the interior made partly from recycled materials – the ID. Buzz is shaking up the market. And that’s not all, the ID. Buzz is also enjoying its own taste of stardom, with VW appointing Hollywood star Ewan McGregor to be the brand ambassador for the vehicle.

Future Volkswagen electric cars

The future for VW looks bright, and electric. With several concept cars in the making, VW Group is redefining the future of electric mobility.

ID. 7

Recently, Volkswagen presented their brand new ID.7, another impressive innovation to add to the family. The brand’s first all-electric model for the upper mid-size class, the ID.7 is set for launch in China and Europe in 2023, moving onto a North American launch in 2024.

High performance, high spec and high mileage – this vehicle is set to shake up the EV scene. A potential range of up to 434 miles and a charging capacity of up to 200kW – the ID.7 is a spacious vehicle with premium tech – because comfort comes first.


Another exciting vehicle soon to hit the market, VW Group recently presented their newest innovation – the ID. ROOMZZ. Showcasing their latest model at the Brand SUV Night, the all-electric seven-seater is said to spark competition among automakers – a direct rival to the Tesla.

Covering 279 miles between charges, the vehicle is an all-rounder SUV of the five-metre class. Sleek and spacious, this is the perfect car to take into both your personal and professional life.

ID. Vizzion

Get ready to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, with the new ID. Vizzion – one of the many concept cars in talks amongst the VW Group.

Enjoy the luxury of space, the ease of electricity and the autonomy of augmented reality driving with this all-electric sedan. Using AR for steering controls, the ID. Vizzion is turning what was once a figment of science fiction into our reality – no need for a steering wheel. The extremely powerful lithium-ion battery can travel up to 431 miles, making range anxiety a problem of the past.

ID. Space Vizzion

Keeping performance as a priority, the ID. Space Vizzion is a new vehicle class that’s surpassing the idea of what an EV can do.

Boasting an aerodynamic silhouette for optimum performance and a first-class, groundbreaking AR display, this is the vehicle of the future. The luxurious interior promises maximum comfort on your drive, with approximately 366 milesof range to ensure you can get from A to B without having to top up the tank.

Sustainability and charging network

Dedicated to their sustainability efforts, VW wants to become a totally carbon-neutral company by 2050. Developing a purely electric fleet, producing recyclable batteries, and more, VW’s plans are plentiful.

Of course, the main target for the Volkswagen Group’s sustainability plans is to advance their electric vehicle offering and charging network. With an ambitious 5-year plan in place, and a colossal $193 billion in proposed spend, VW Group are ready to improve their software, batteries and strategies – ramping up EV production tenfold.

And when it comes to powering up, Volkswagen has the answers. VW Group has implemented their very own charging network – Elli. A subsidiary of VW Group, with over 500,000 devices all across Europe, Elli is revolutionising EV charging infrastructure. And it doesn’t stop there.

With plans in place to continue expanding their reach, Elli will continue going from strength to strength – facilitating the widespread consumer adoption of EVs. Clearly, the road to zero carbon emissions is via sustainable transportation.

If you’d like to get to know Elli properly, we’ve got a full blog for you to check out here.

Volkswagen’s commitment to the future

Making the switch to electric is the way the world is going, and we’re not complaining. Better for the planet and better for your purse in the long run, electric is the new way to drive. The sustainable shift is imperative, and it’s up to both businesses and individuals to make the change.

Clearly, Volkswagen Group is dominating the world of EVs. From their humble beginnings with the e-Golf and CitySTROMer, all the way to significant market growth with the full ID. Family, the company’s electric vision is pulling through.

VW is driving our world, and the entire industry, towards a climate-friendly future – and we’re joining them. We’re an independent, local garage specialising in VW Group vehicles.

If your VW electric car needs an MOT, maintenance, repairs or even if you’d just like some friendly, honest advice from the experts – we’re on hand to help. Get in touch today!

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