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Since 1871, when the first car logo was introduced by Mercedes-Benz, car logos have been on our roads, on our tv’s, and on our phones! In the UK, the most prominent car logo on our roads is the unmistakable Ford.

But how many of these car logos could you guess? Take our quiz below to find out!


Car logos play a significant role in company branding as well as public perception. Each car logo represents a number of factors, including; brand history, reliability, efficiency, quality and price. Car logos have been so ingrained into society, that we now unknowingly associate logos with the shape and style of cars, and even colour. An example of this would be Ferrari, and its iconic red affiliated with the brand. However, now, brands have to compete with a number of external factors, such as the environment, vehicle purpose, and high consumer power. For these reasons, a logo may even suggest car characteristics such as being environmentally friendly, if the logo incorporates the colour green. The main aim of car brands is to be inclusive of all consumer expectations, hence the importance of how a logo is represented.

For most of us, we can identify a logo without even seeing a name, but how well will you be able to recognise a misrepresented car logo? See if you can score better than most by taking this quiz!

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