Volkswagen Family Cars: Which Model Suits You Best?

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On the hunt for the ultimate family car, there are three non-negotiables: comfort, safety, and sheer practicality.

From SUVs to family electric cars that tick all the boxes for the modern-day family, Volkswagen is your go-to, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation.

Here’s a few of the Volkswagen family car models we’ll be discussing:

  • Best family SUV: VW Tiguan vs. VW Touran
  • Exploring the VW T-Roc
  • VW Vans: Family adventures on the road
  • Embracing electric: VW ID.4
  • VW, Audi, SEAT & Skoda alternatives

Ready to help you find the perfect match for your unique needs and the everyday hustle and bustle of family life, we’re here to help you find the best VW family car. Let’s take a look:

Best family SUV: VW Tiguan vs. VW Touran

A popular option for families, SUVs are considered safer than your conventional car. Standing tall off of the ground, these sturdy vehicles are able to handle a much larger impact.

And when it comes to SUVs, Volkswagen has two contenders that stand out for family use: the VW Tiguan and the VW Touran. Let’s put these two VW family cars head-to-head and see which one comes out on top.

VW Tiguan

Buckle up for the brilliance of the VW Tiguan, a popular choice for families with a taste for elegance. Style? Check. Sophistication? Double check.

Its spacious interior is thoughtfully designed to accommodate a comfortable seating arrangement, making it an excellent companion for long journeys, morning school dashes and team carpools.

Sitting comfortably in the midsize SUV category, the Tiguan isn’t just about size – it’s about safety, too. Coupled with advanced safety features, this Volkswagen family car ensures your family’s well-being during your adventures on the road.

The blend of power and comfort enhances the driving experience, while noteworthy technologies like Emergency Assist, which intervenes when it detects driver inactivity, and Front Assist with Pedestrian Monitoring, showcase Volkswagen’s commitment to safety.

When it comes to safety and performance, we understand the importance of maintaining all aspects of your vehicle. Whether it’s engine care, brake maintenance or ensuring optimal tyre performance, we deal with genuine Volkswagen parts to promise quality.

It’s no wonder that the Tiguan holds the title of Volkswagen’s best-selling model globally. This success is attributed to its harmonious blend of family-friendly practicality and an upmarket image.

And the cherry on top? The Tiguan won’t break the bank, being a more budget-friendly option within its category – a win-win for families seeking a combination of value and sophistication!

VW Touran

On the flip side, the VW Touran takes the concept of practicality to new heights with its remarkable versatility in seating configurations and generous storage capacity.

Volkswagen recently celebrated the Touran’s 20th birthday, which cemented its position as a frontrunner in the family car market.

This makes it an optimal Volkswagen family car for larger groups who have a lot of luggage in tow – ones that demand car seats, pushchairs and maybe even the kitchen sink. Say goodbye to packing light; you’re prepared for every scenario with the VW Touran.

The VW Touran’s boot capacity might not be its highlight, but where it truly shines is in its passenger seating arrangement. Designed with large families in mind, the Touran offers enough room to comfortably seat up to seven passengers.

The cleverly engineered interiors maximise space utilisation, with three full-size seats in the second row and an additional two seats in the third row.

Safety is of paramount importance, and the Touran doesn’t disappoint.

Equipped with advanced collision-detection tools like Front Assist, as well as City Emergency Braking, the Touran ensures that your family’s safety remains a priority throughout your journeys.

Exploring the VW T-Roc: A stylish Volkswagen family car

Worried about having to choose between over-functionality and style? Worry no more!

The VW T-Roc, a compact SUV, blends functionality with a contemporary design. Regardless of your family’s size, this is one of the best family SUVs on the market for the modern family – with over 72,000 sold in the UK as of 2022.

The T-Roc’s exterior design is an attention-grabber, alongside the premium interior. But it’s not just about looks! The appearance blends effortlessly with the car’s functional attributes, promising that your family’s journeys are characterised by style and comfort.


What’s more, the T-Roc’s capacious cabin and ingenious storage solutions are a guarantee that you won’t have to leave any essentials behind. Luggage, pushchairs, you name it – they all find their designated spot.

The T-Roc isn’t just about appearances and convenience; it’s also equipped with an array of safety features. This makes it a top choice for parents who desire peace of mind on the roads. WhatCar? rates the T-Roc highly on safety and security.

The vehicle’s advanced safety technologies detect critical situations with the potential to lead to accidents, intervening in advance and automatically taking precautionary measures as needed. That way, you can embark on every journey with confidence and style.

From their spacious interiors to camping options, Volkswagen’s family models are more than just vehicles; they’re companions for unforgettable family journeys. And when it comes to keeping these larger models in top shape, Vasstech is the go-to destination. We’re Volkswagen vehicle specialists, and our expertise in servicing and maintaining Volkswagen vehicles ensures your family’s day-to-day life is never derailed by mechanical hiccups. Let’s keep your family on the road, book in today!

VW Vans: Family adventures on the road

For families that thrive on adventure, Volkswagen’s larger models, there’s a range of VW vans to fit everyone in, from the VW I.D Buzz to the VW Transporter.

VW 6.1 Transporter

Meet the VW 6.1 Transporter, your family’s ticket to ultimate adventure. Highly-acclaimed, the Transporter gets good reviews from most – even after 70 years on the road!

Comfort is paramount, from the foldable armrests of the driving seat to the options of single or double seat passenger benches.

Plus, with various storage options, you can find the perfect configuration for your getaway. When it comes to Volkswagen family cars, versatility and comfort reign supreme

VW Multivan

Live family life to the fullest in the VW Multivan. With seats that fold, vanish and slot back in at your command, creating the perfect seating arrangement is a breeze. While the Multivan is a large option, it never compromises on style.

VW ID. Buzz

If spaciousness and sustainability are your top priorities, the VW ID. Buzz could be your go-to choice. Winning What Car?’s Car of the Year Awards 2023, the ID. Buzz was commended for mixing the practicality of an MPV with the refinement of an SUV.

Bringing the iconic design of the classic VW Campervan into the new electric era, the ID. Buzz is the ideal Volkswagen family car if you’re looking for sustainable adventures on the road. Boasting about 210 miles of range on a charge, the Buzz is a good way to get around in style.

From the VW 6.1 Transporter to the captivating VW Multivan, and the revolutionary VW ID. Buzz, these VW vans are your golden tickets to family adventures that’ll redefine the way you travel.

Embracing an electric future: The VW ID.4

In the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicles, Volkswagen has emerged as a prominent force, cementing its presence in the global market. Among its remarkable offerings, the VW ID.4 takes centre stage as a top choice for electric Volkswagen family cars.

Positioning itself as a game-changer, the ID.4 is an all-electric SUV – a remarkable vehicle to add to VW’s lineup. Essentially, the ID.4 offers Touareg-equalling practicality in a Tiguan-size package…the perfect combo?

There’s lots of space up front, and its 531-litre boot outshines the Tiguan’s. Even better, locating the battery under the floor allows clever packaging, providing extra space in the rear.

In terms of range on a single charge, entry-level ID.4s offer up to 223 miles of range, while the range-topping FTX claims up to 308 miles – perfect for families, whether you’re doing the school run or an epic family road trip.

If you are heading out on a road trip in your electric vehicle, it’s important to ensure it’s running right. Electric vehicle servicing is the best way to ensure your battery stays healthy and keep the little ones safe, for the long run.

If you’re the proud owner of an EV, choose Vasstech as your specialist VW partners and enjoy an electric vehicle service that’s the cut above the rest!

Affordable and reliable: VW, Audi, Skoda and SEAT options

When it comes to finding a reliable and budget-friendly family car, the Volkswagen family car options from all the VW Group brands are certainly worth exploring.

These alternatives, including SKODA, Audi, and SEAT, offer a range of models that prioritise both affordability and dependability – catering to the varying needs of families.

Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia earned its stripes as the Family Car of the Year in 2021, solidifying its position as a standout choice in the family car category. With a track record of reliability, SKODA is a brand known for its trustworthiness, and the Octavia upholds this reputation effortlessly.

Over the years, the Octavia has maintained its status as a preferred family vehicle, offering a blend of practicality, comfort, and cost-effectiveness.

From its spacious interior to its dependable performance, the SKODA Octavia shines as a reliable option for families seeking a vehicle that ticks all the right boxes.

Audi Q7

For families that require a seven-seater, the Audi Q7 emerges as the ideal choice. Beyond its expansive capacity, the Q7 is a testament to Audi’s commitment to crafting vehicles that are both safe and enduring.

Known for its solid construction and long-lasting build quality, the Q7 offers not only a safe haven for your family, but also a plethora of driver-assist features that elevate the driving experience.

The ingeniously designed middle seats elevate and fold away with ease, granting effortless access to rear passengers. The Q7’s practicality is a reflection of Audi’s dedication to creating vehicles that stand the test of time.

SEAT Ateca

Although SEAT entered the SUV market relatively late, but the SEAT Ateca swiftly ascended to the ranks of the brand’s top-selling vehicles.

Combining modern technology, high performance, and a stylish design, the Ateca proves to be an attractive choice for families seeking an SUV tailored to their needs.

Sharing similarities with the Tiguan, the Ateca exudes a sportier demeanour while retaining the innovative safety technology that families require.

This blend of performance, aesthetics and cutting-edge safety features ensures that the Ateca caters to families in search of both style and substance.

Your trusted VW specialists

We’re not just experts; we’re Volkswagen specialists, here to ensure your VW remains safe to keep your family secure.

From maintenance to repair, we’ve got your back, so you can focus on the joy of driving your beloved Volkswagen while we handle the rest.

Your family deserves nothing less than the best, and with Vasstech, you’re in the driver’s seat of a worry-free journey. Book in for repairs, maintenance and servicing today!

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