What Makes Audi Such a Popular and Recognisable Car Brand?

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In the last few months there has been a huge amount of publicity surrounding the release of the Audi A1 and the Audi A3, with customers continually comparing the merits of both cars.

This comes as no surprise, though, as Audi has become one of the most recognizable car brands in the world, earning a reputation as one of the premier car manufacturers. It is fair to say Audi has benefited from considerable innovation in the automotive marketplace.

With all this in mind, what exactly is it that has contributed to this enviable reputation?


Audi is synonymous with innovation, the manufacturer has been innovating and improving it’s range for decades, becoming on of the most technologically advance automotive brands. Another key consideration is the fact that Audi’s design ethos and aesthetic style rarely change, instead they choose to invest largely in refining the performance of their vehicles. From fuel efficiency to on-board GPS systems, each of Audi’s vehicles is always an enhancement of it’s predecessor.


As we have said, Audi rarely change the design of their vehicles, but why fix something that simply isn’t broken? Audi have struck on a stylish and enduringly popular aesthetic. The only changes the brand make to design are usually subtle, adding extra dimension to the vehicle in the process (take the decision to specify contrasting roof rails to distinguish the car’s roof line from the rest of the bodywork on the A1).


By making such subtle variations and improvements to their vehicles, Audi are able to release a large number of diverse models, creating a vast range at an array of price points. Equally, the presence of prominent Audi dealers keeps prices competitive without customers having to compromise on style or performance.

Considering these three key points it’s easy to see why Audi has become the powerhouse that it is today. It all comes down to stylish design, affordability and innovation, simple as that.

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