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    VW Performance

    Vasstech Directors

    Specialising in VW vehicles, we’re tried and trusted professionals when it comes to fitting genuine Volkswagen racing parts for your vehicle. But don’t worry, while we may be VAG specialists, we also fit performance car parts to the majority of popular models.

    Trained to expertly modify cars using premium VW racing parts, have confidence in our engineers to get those finishing touches polished off so that you can get behind the wheel with your car looking and driving its best.

    Top performance is our top priority here at Vasstech, so…on your marks, get set and…GO take a look at the work we can do to release the true capabilities of your VW.

    VW performance

    Want to get your car ready and racing at top performance? Book in at your local Vasstech branch today!

    Volkswagen Racing: Performance car parts perfect for you

    Whether you’re hitting the track at the weekends or you’re a VW enthusiast that wants the best looking car on the street, we’re here to help. After all, you love your car, and so do we! Even if you have the greatest performance car parts, it doesn’t matter if the modifications haven’t been fitted properly - that’s why we’re experts in fitting official VW performance parts. Take a look at just a few of the services we offer to get your car VW motorsport ready!

    Performance suspension

    The Raceline VW range develops the highest quality VW performance parts, including performance suspension kits that are expertly crafted to improve car handling and tolerate the high demands of Volkswagen motorsport driving. Just bring your car to us and we’ll get you behind the wheel in a flash.

    Performance brakes

    As any driver knows, your brakes are one of the most vital components for keeping you safe on the roads. Have peace of mind that any performance brakes modifications by us will be as secure as can be, using proper Volkswagen motorsport parts provided by VW themselves – we never cut any corners.

    Performance exhaust

    If you’re a car lover, chances are you’ve looked into fitting a high performance exhaust, as it can boost the power, look, feel and even create a more pleasing sound – impressive! When looking for a top-range performance exhaust system, potentially from the Volkswagen racing range, you need to trust the person fitting it. That’s what we’re here for!

    Everyday upkeep

    And when it comes to keeping your car performing its best on the day to day, look no further. With Vasstech branches dotted across the North East, you can get your car booked in for MOTs, car servicing and more, so you know you’re racing down the roads safe and secure.

    VW performance car Performance brake

    Book in today, we’re the Volkswagen racing experts

    Every car can feel the benefit of modifications and upgrades. Using Volksagen motorsport performance parts, we’ll ensure your pride and joy looks, sounds and feels the part. We’re a team you can trust.

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