Why Should You Service Your Car?

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While we all know an annual MOT is not only useful, but a legal requirement to keep your car on the road, many car owners dismiss the value of regular servicing and maintenance.

Servicing isn’t a legality, but all car manufacturers will strongly advise annual servicing, at least – whether you own a VW, Skoda, Audi or any other make and model. But why? Let’s break it down.

Why Service Your Car? The Benefits of Regular Servicing

The Link Between Car Servicing and Safety

When it comes to your vehicle, car safety is paramount. It’s not just about getting from point A to point B; it’s about getting there safely. Reportedly, defective and poorly-maintained cars contributed to over 1,700 casualties in 2021. Car servicing is paramount, playing a crucial role in ensuring your well-being on the road.

Servicing ensures that all safety features, from the brakes to the airbags, are in perfect working order. Faulty brakes make up the majority of road incidents, but with a comprehensive service checking the pads, discs, clips and rotors, these accidents could be prevented.

It involves thorough checks and maintenance, addressing potential safety issues before they become hazards. This means you can trust your car to perform when you need it most – keeping yourself, your passengers and other road users safe. Stay safe, stay serviced!

Keeping Your Car in Good Running Order

Volkswagen recommend scheduled servicing to ensure your car stays in peak condition and improve reliability, and they aren’t alone in this. A reliable car is a good car.

Regular servicing is the key to peak performance, ensuring your car operates smoothly, efficiently, and boasts a responsive engine. But it’s not just about speed and power; it’s about safety.

Preventative maintenance is the unsung hero, catching issues before they become hazards. From brakes to suspension, these critical systems are kept in perfect shape, reducing the risk of accidents. To learn more about how often you should service your vehicle, read our service intervals article here.

Save Money

Why service your car? The answer is simple – it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Avoiding Major Repairs

Take, for instance, the timing belt – a seemingly small component that plays a big role. If left unserviced, a worn-out timing belt can lead to catastrophic engine damage, costing you a small fortune. But with regular servicing, this can be spotted and replaced before disaster strikes.

The average annual cost for repairs and servicing in 2023 is £273, a minor price to pay compared to the hundreds of pounds needed to repair major parts like your engine. Every pound spent on car servicing is a smart investment in your car’s value and your financial well-being.

Maintain Car Value

Maintaining your car’s resale value is a savvy financial move that pays dividends when it’s time for an upgrade. Regular servicing is the best way to do this, keeping your car in peak condition to bolster its attractiveness to potential buyers.

So, when you invest in routine servicing, you’re not only securing your car’s performance but also safeguarding your financial investment by preserving its resale value. It’s a win-win situation that benefits both you and your future buyer.

Environmental Impact of Car Servicing

Proper maintenance has a positive impact, reducing emissions and enhancing fuel efficiency. This leads to a cleaner ride, emitting fewer harmful pollutants and reducing your carbon footprint.

Furthermore, eco-friendly practices in car servicing are on the rise. Proper disposal of hazardous materials, recycling, and responsible waste management contribute to a greener world. So, when you service your car, you’re not just ensuring its longevity and value; you’re also making a choice that benefits the environment.

Prolonging Car Longevity with Proper Maintenance

Your vehicle is more than just a mode of transport, it’s an investment. To make the most of that investment, you want it to last, and that’s where proper servicing comes into play.

Generally, a conventional car will last for around 200,000 miles. However, vehicles that are kept in good running order and especially well-maintained might even reach 300,000 miles or more.

Tips for Maximising Car Longevity

  • Regular Servicing: Stick to the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule to keep your car in top condition. Routine maintenance catches issues early and prevents major problems.
  • Quality Fuel and Oil: Ensure you choose a garage that uses high-quality oil in services, as recommended by the manufacturer. Quality fuels and oils can help your engine run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Proper Driving Habits: Avoid aggressive driving, excessive idling, and over-revving. Smooth and gentle driving can reduce wear and tear on the engine and other components.
  • Use the Right Parts: When replacing parts, use OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or high-quality aftermarket parts that meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

In a nutshell..

In the world of car ownership, the answer to why you should service your car is crystal clear. Reliability, safety, car value and longevity are all to be expected with a regular service. So, make it a habit, and you’ll enjoy a smoother, safer and more cost-effective ride.

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