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    10th August 2021

    Motoring law changes you may have missed due to lockdown

    It’s fair to say that lockdown had us, including everyone at Northallerton’s Vasstech Garage, on the edge of our seats. 2020 will certainly be a year that will go down in the history books for it’s series of twists and turns that had us guessing where things were going to go. As the year dragged on, and after the constant Coivd-19 footage, it felt like everyone was looking for ways to either distract or keep themselves busy. Yet as large parts of the population were clapping for the key workers, going on walks and taking up baking, some things were still ticking away in the background.

    Needless to say all the garages in Northallerton were allowed to stay open, but parliament were also working away, drawing up and amending current laws. While none of these laws are particularly drastic (we’re still driving on the left side of the road) it’s good to catch up on something you may have missed while stuck inside.

    Mandatory speed limiters

    One you may have missed but won’t be coming into effect for at least another year is the implementation of speed limiters on all new cars produced in 2022 onwards. Designed to alert drivers when they’re speeding, the onboard system will allow for temporary situations like overtaking but will intervene if drivers don’t eventually slow down.

    Worried about the added technology in your new car? No need to fret, our tech specialists in our Northallerton garage will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Many future cars will come with cruise control to help you maintain speed but if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, we can also retrofit cruise control to your car in the meantime

    E10 fuel

    We’ve previously discussed the introduction of E10 fuel in a previous blog but it’s worth mentioning again. Designed to reduce carbon emissions, the new fuel utilises homegrown and environmentally friendly ethanol. With 95% of the cars on the road already able to use E10, this new law essentially guarantees all future vehicles can use the fuel.

    Here at our Northallerton garage we’re more than happy to let you know if your car can run on E10 however, you can find out easily for yourself using the free government checker.

    Green number plates

    In a similar vein, another law coming in will try to boost the visibility of cars that are either electric or create no emissions. By including a green stripe on the right hand side of the numberplates (as seen here) the hope is the public will become more aware of the existence of environmentally friendly vehicles. Cars with the green number plate could also access cheaper parking and free entry into low emission zones.

    20mph limit in parts of Wales

    While it may be a distance from our Northallerton garage, if you’re planning a journey to Wales, (maybe even a road trip?) it’s worth knowing that the Welsh government is reducing traffic speed to 20mph in all residential areas. While it’s still being trialed at the time of writing, it’s planned for full roll out in 2023.

    While enforced by the Welsh government, similar measures are being put in place by English counties including Warwickshire, Shropshire and London.

    Stricter penalty for using mobile phones in cars

    Not a new law but a larger penalty for breaking an existing one, using your mobile phone whilst driving will now incur a £200 fine and six points off of your licence. The government has also taken extra steps to close a loophole meaning people could use their mobile phones to take photos or videos and avoid being charged.

    As always, this one’s basic common sense, it’s safer for you and everyone else on the road if you’re giving driving your full attention.

    As you can see some of these new laws may mean your car could require some changes, or a new regular service. At our Northallerton garage we’re always up to date with the latest information to provide you with an effective and accurate service.

    For any more information about these new changes and how they could affect your vehicle, get in touch with the team at Vasstech’s garage in Northallerton today.

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