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    Vasstech Team Memebers

    28th February 2017

    5 basic car maintenance things everyone should know how to do

    Man asking for help after his car has broken down

    We know lots of you love taking good care of your car… but we also know there are others of you who frankly couldn’t care less! We’re not saying you need to be a whizz under the bonnet – but basic car maintenance skills are essential, especially in emergency situations. 

    Here are our top 5 basic things everyone should know how to do to their car!

    How to change a tyre

    Ever got a puncture or a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere? What if you had no mobile phone signal to call for help and the tyre was undrivable? According to a recent survey, more than half of UK driver’s don’t know how to change a car tyre. Punctures always seem to occur at the most inconvenient of times and knowing how to change a tyre is one of the most crucial entries on this list.

    If you notice a puncture, your first port of call is to get you and your vehicle to a safe place, away from any busy roads or traffic (and definitely not on the motorway), where you can then safely begin to change the tyre.

    For advice on the process of physically changing a tyre, take a look here.

    How to check tyre pressure

    Maintaining your tyre pressure is essential, especially if you drive at motorway speeds! Not only does maintaining the correct tyre pressure help to extend the life of your tyres, it also improves the safety of your vehicle and reduces fuel consumption; meaning it could save you money whilst improving your safety!

    All vehicle makes and models will have specific tyre pressures, to find the correct tyre pressure for your car, take a look here. You’ll also need to adjust your tyre pressure if you’re carrying additional weight, you can find more information in your vehicle handbook.

    Tyre pressures should ideally be checked at least once a month, and especially before long journeys.

    For advice on the process of physically checking your tyre pressure, take a look here.

    How to check your oil

    Your oil keeps your engine lubricated and helps it to run correctly. Oil which is not regularly checked and changed, tends to contain dirt particles which counteract this, resulting in problems!

    You should always check your engine’s oil when it’s cold, and the engine has been turned off for at least 10 minutes.

    For advice on the process of physically changing your oil, take a look here.

    Top up screenwash

    Driving with an unclear windscreen could not only cause an accident, but also see you with a fine from the police. Having full visibility out of your front and rear windscreen is an essential part of road safety, and let’s face it – there’s nothing worse than driving through an unexpected muddy puddle!

    Topping up your screen wash is one of the easiest car maintenance skills on this list, and is a good starting point for any novice. Just remember to always use designated screen wash as opposed to mere water ensures the liquid doesn’t freeze when you need it most!

    How to jump start a car battery

    When your car battery dies, it’s never ideal – and the likelihood is, you’ve only noticed as you’re about to set off on a journey somewhere. In some cases, you may be able to use jump cables and connect your vehicle to another (hopefully with a fully charged battery) to get you on your way, without the need for a recovery call out.

    We’d always recommend you keep a pair of jump cables in the boot of your car just incase the worst ever happens! This could also save you a costly recovery callout charge!

    For advice on the process of physically jump starting your car take a look here, but If your car is consistently not keeping its battery charge, it’s probably best to let us check it out!

    If you’re unsure on any of the above, you can always ask the experts at your local Vasstech Garage! Our friendly team are always on hand to help you out with your maintenance needs and questions.

    What would your essential tips for car maintenance be? Tweet us @TheVasstechTeam


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