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    Brakes are one of the most critical parts of any vehicle, ensuring the safety of the people in your car, and other road users. Regularly checking your brakes and making sure they are fully functional will reduce the chances of accidents occurring.

    Car brake pads being worked on

    Get your car brake checked or replaced at your local Vasstech garage!

    Identifying an issue with your brakes

    There are many reasons why your brakes may need servicing. Here are just a few things to look out for:

    Test the handbrake first

    The handbrake can be tested easily by firstly applying the foot brake with the car on a hill to firmly to stop the car. Then, apply the handbrake. Next, remove your foot from the foot brake. If the car remains still and the handbrake hasn’t travelled too far upwards, then your handbrake is in working order.

    Feel for spongy foot brakes

    If when you press down on your foot brakes, the pedal feels spongy, the likelihood is that air has gotten into your brake lines. A spongy brake pedal is potentially dangerous for drivers and requires brake bleeding to get rid of the air and ensure the vehicle will stop as required.

    Car pulling to one side

    If when braking, your car pulls either to the left or right-side, there is a chance that one of your brake pads is more worn out than the other. When you press the brakes, both pads need to be applied equally for efficient braking, and if one is worn out then your car will pull to the side.

    Check your mileage

    As brakes naturally wear out over time, it is important to regularly get them serviced to avoid any potential accidents. It is recommended that you replace your brake discs after ever 50,000 miles and brake pads should be replaced every 30,000 miles.

    Vasstech brake servicing

    If you notice any problems with your brakes affecting the performance of your vehicle, visit your nearest Vasstech branch today for free and friendly advice, or a full professional brake service. Find your nearest Vasstech branch today.

    Car brake pads being worked on

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