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    Audi MOT Specialists

    Vasstech Directors

    Vasstech : Audi MOT Specialists

    For the vast majority of us, an annual MOT is a legal requirement. Whether you’re driving a Audi A1 or a Q8, we have over 10 years’ experience in providing VW Group approved inspection and maintenance work on MOTs, providing you with a specialist service.

    As your local MOT centre, we pride ourselves on providing a trustworthy, efficient, reliable and straight-talking service, tailored to meet the specific needs of your Audi.

    • Free collection and delivery service for local customer’s cars
    • Our staff have VW main dealer experience – Your Audi is in good hands!
    • When we’re done, you’ll be road legal and ready to drive away
    Vasstech local Audi MOT centre

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    An Audi MOT includes

    Fuel, Exhaust & Emissions

    We prioritise inspection of any component relating to fuel and exhaust emissions, this includes pipes that connect from petrol tanks and engines, assessing whether there are leaks or corrosion on these parts, ensuring your Audi is functioning properly.

    Car Body Panel Inspection

    We make sure that your car is in tip-top condition, checking all external panels from top to bottom, ensuring no sharp or jagged edges make your car’s exterior dangerous.


    We’ll check the mirrors on both sides of your Audi, examining them carefully so that any damage or wear is noted before moving onto any indirect vision cameras, if installed.

    Braking System

    Brakes are one of the most important components to function properly on a vehicle. The mechanic will use their brake tester or decelerometer to ensure your safety, as well as any wear and condition issues that may arise under various road conditions, like wet or icy roads.

    Registration/Number Plate

    Our technicians will check your Audi's plate to make sure it meets all of the required standards. They'll also verify that no one has tampered with or modified any data on them in order for us to give you peace-of mind when driving away from our garage!

    Suspension & Steering

    We take a look at your steering and suspension to make sure they're working properly. We also check each part for wear or damage, so you can go on driving with confidence!

    Windscreen & Windows

    Our vehicle technicians will inspect your windows for scratches and cracks. In addition, they'll test the washers or wipers to ensure a clear view of oncoming traffic ahead!

    Seatbelt, Airbags & Safety

    When it comes to the safety of you and your passengers, we don’t take any chances. That's why our specialist Audi technicians carry out an inspection of the seatbelt condition, tensioners or limiters, as well as airbags to ensure safe operation!

    Why is an Audi MOT essential?

    The MOT test is a necessary yearly examination for any car over three years old. Introduced by the DVSA, this ensures that every vehicle undergoes an evaluation in order to maintain its compliance with both safety and emissions standards – guaranteeing reliability for your daily commute.

    How is an MOT different to a car service?

    The difference between an Audi MOT and service is like night and day. The MOT is an evaluation of the vehicle’s safety for driving on public roads, as well as compliance with emissions regulations. This is a legal requirement that all vehicles must have in order to be roadworthy. Whereas a car service is not compulsory and looks at your Audi’s functionality in more detail – head to our Audi service page for more information.

    Our Audi MOT process

    Whether you’re driving an Audi A1, A4 or Q8, our process is always one of precision and care. We begin with the inspection, where our experienced Audi mechanics will look at your vehicles overall performance, running detailed tests inside, beneath and under your cars bonnet.

    If your Audi passes, you’ll receive a VT20 form, if it fails we’ll have to issue VT30 and inform you of why your car has failed. We guarantee full transparency through the whole MOT process, so if there are any new or replacement parts needed for you to pass, we’ll tell you before we fit them. We also keep a huge range of genuine Audi parts in stock, that way there is little hold up if repairs are necessary.

    An MOT is necessary for you to be able to tax your vehicle, driving without an MOT and without tax is a punishable offence – don’t risk your license when the Vasstech Audi specialists can ensure your safety and conformity to the law.


    Vasstech Audi MOT specialists

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